Dan Wallace is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter whose work is praised by fans and critics alike for its originality, adventurous structure and colorful lyrics. He is currently promoting his latest album “Neon and Gold” (Torito Bravo Records, Feb 2006) both as a live performer and through popular online stores.
From the critics: "...a tremendously catchy and yet intriguing album. As wildly creative as Radiohead or Rufus Wainwright, and as poppy as Ben Folds.” (Smother Magazine); “Neon and Gold proves to be refreshingly unconventional while remaining entirely within accessible bounds … [his] honey-coated, slightly mournful baritone is his best asset.” (34st.com); “Wallace will always take the road less taken, though he's careful to line it with rose petals. That consideration for the listener is what makes this album such a simple pleasure to hear.” (Aiding & Abetting).
Dan cites his proudest days as those when contacted by fans to express how much his music has touched them.


The Pindrops is a Chicago-based threesome whose Left-Of-Center approach to Pop-Rock is noted for its inventive harmonies and memorable melodies. They have been playing the Chicago scene since 2003, and self-released their self-titled debut album in September 2004, of which Jen Procop of Rocknworld.com said: “…the entire album has individuality beyond compare. From start to finish, this album delivers.” The album is available online (CDBaby, Amazon, et al…) and has been featured in local broadcasts, on NPR’s All Songs Considered Open Mic, and in several Podcasts.

They are currently recording their sophomore effort, to be self-released in summer 2005 (unless some nice indie label comes along that would like to work with them before that). The band also hopes to be touring nationally by fall 2006.

The Pindrops are

Dan Wallace - Songwriter, Lead Vocal, Guitars, Keys
George Lawler - Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocal
John Collins - Upright/Electric Bass, Backing Vocal

Rocknworld.com Review

(From Rocknworld.com, March 2005 by Jen Procop)
The first time you hear the Pindrops self-titled CD is much like eating a starburst fruit chew. There is a whole much of different sensations happening at the same time- It’s hard to articulate what is happening because of its utter originality. There is, or should be a genre that this album fits into but how do you categorize it? Its not alternative pop, rock, emo, or mechanical pop so for right now, let’s just bask in the eccentricity.
The Chicago based trio has released one of the most original albums that I have heard in a long time. The lyrics are complex and thoughtful which compliments the strong musical talent and unity of the band. You can feel some musical influence from the likes of Elliott Smith, The Flaming Lips, Beck and The increasingly popular Shins, but this is not a rip-off artist in the making- the entire album has individuality beyond compare.
The band shines on many of the tracks, but be sure to check out "Razorblade Twin", "What I Know", "27" and "Messiah". From start to finish, this album delivers. In fact, you’ll be so engrossed, well…you can hear a pindrop.

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