Southern California singer/song writer bursts forth with provocative adult contemporary songs about love, fantasy, reconciliation and Carmen Miranda


Danae is influenced by a very diverse pool of musical and songwriting talent including but not limited to Annie Lenox, DC Talk, Enya, Elton John, Dido, and Savage Garden.


Most Adult Contemporary artists live in a musical world that is provided for them by a host of songwriters they don’t even know. A “lyrical” world which focuses on the common tales of love and relationships that every song and artist is singing about it. Very few AC artists would be daring enough to share their personal thoughts and experiences in their songs. Even fewer or more so, uniquely, Danae makes the effort to define her songs as “calm healing music that express emotions and much needed messages.”

In her debut album entitled, Reinvent Ourselves, Danae brings to light her thoughts and reflections about emotional and spiritual healing, relationships, values and having a strong commitment to others.

In the title track, Reinvent Ourselves, Danae reminds us that we live in a world where the people around us are constantly changing and evolving. While some try to judge or evaluate others for who they are right now, what makes each one of us different or unique is the choices we make. Instead of being a person who judges others, we should spend the time and energy on evaluating ourselves and what changes we want to make to become the person we want to be.

In The Mist builds upon that message as we develop and evolve ourselves, it is important we are connected to others. Especially whether they are here or not. For it is those commitments that can only help us become the person we want but it will also help others grow and change to who they desire to be.

Foundation For Success

Danae is deeply committed to inspiring women to be successful. Her outreach includes music, books and speaking engagements. The Foundation For Success provides seed money for talented women looking for start-up capital for their business endeavors. Danae provides three $1,500.00 grants per year to women who have the talent and drive to reinvent their lives but need a hand up.

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