For sure you never heard of them
But this is gonna change....soon

That's a fact........

Currently they are working on their debut album on which you can expect powerful songs which sound like "anything in between power rock and brutal metal" and will knock you down as soon as you turn up the volume....

In other words : aggressive and raw vocals, powerriffs, pounding bass and mind-dazzling drums...yet combined with catchy themes


Check out their latest tracks


Damn Bones is a dutch power metal band.
With distinctive groovy rhythms combined with melodic themes they give away 80´s rock influences ( think Zeppelin / Van Halen ).
Inside their small studio the band is currently working on their debut album.

Due to health problems their bass player had to quit playing and unfortunaly they still haven´t been able to find a replacement, in other words : in case you are interested take your chance and get in contact !

Although 80´s rock is a distinctive influence the songs are definately pure metal which might remind you of Bay area thrash while on the other hand apparantly the grung-era didn´t fell into oblivion.

Just listen to their brand new tracks and judge yourself.

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