the artist dave pattersons rock and roll draws influence from far and wide. some songs with distortion some without. Straight rock, punk, heavy rock, ballads, and reggae are all there. Song titles include "Johnny six gun," "Ambitious MF," "One degree burn," "La di Da," "Your all welcome,"and "Stop the wreck," to name a handful. dave plays a fender strat, a gibson les paul and his favorite is his 1966 gibson 335 hollowbody. daves songs are wrtten in a universal sound and language with the intent of reaching all within ear shot. The world is very different for dave as he often see's what the world does not. Please be sure to read the lyrics as you will without doubt feel this artists deep conviction and interpretations.

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Too much goes unsaid in our world, so I say it. Strats, Les Puals and Gibson 335’s can be heard at one time or another. Some songs have distortion. Some songs do not. With guitar I mute the advertisements. With lyrics I liquefy their foundation. Melodic hooks and chorus make the experience unforgettable as listeners commit to its universal sound and language. Pay off arrives as they are impacted to find resolve in their own lives. Will the world change? Probably not! But maybe it will try. This is my memorial to courage in a destitute world! This is my Crash September.

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There is something tragically wrong where we live. Talent, merit, and integrity are just advertisements for people to sell products for their own advancement of wealth and power. Selling crack would be more honest than the quintessential life we’ve been offered. At least there are no advertisements. We live on foundations over foundations of lies. It’s no longer my job to care. I won’t be fooled again!
But life is not so dire? Crash September is a bloodletting of the lies, which surround me. To feel by music is heal. To learn a new perspective by verse is to grow. Song titles such as “Johnny six gun,” “La Di Da,” “Stop the wreck” and “Ambitious MF”, personify my convictions to grow and heal (CPrsInfo)


Crash September by dave patterson
Growing up I watched my hometown destroyed by gangs. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone considering the kickback’s the City Council was receiving from the LA criminal relocation program. As a budding collegiate athlete, the family of a rival player paid off my coach. I was naïve as to what was happening. In the past my talents could do no wrong, yet suddenly, they could do no right. I blamed myself and tried harder, yet after four years of being blackballed I was devastated and quit. Years later, I was told the truth, and learned that I had been intentionally destroyed, by the jealousy and resentment of others. It was then; I stopped believing in man!
I took what was left of my hope and ambition and became a teacher. It seemed stable. I was wrong. Administration misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars. When I refused to be a part of it, I was rubbed out. I fought for my job and my reputation every day for two years. Under duress, I was forced to resign and abandoned the program I had spent five years constructing. It was then; I stopped believing in god!
I was signed to a record label once. I still receive offers. I’ve toured the US, opened for the biggest, and headlined in front of thousands. I’ve had articles written about me and received fan mail from all over the world. Amidst all this, my biggest feat is realizing these accomplishments add no value to my life. They are merely advertisements.

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