Cradle - Portales, NM - Midland, TX.
Alternative Rock/Metal/Grunge


Ben Arredondo - Vocals/Guitars
Zach Ruiz - (live) Guitars
Bryan Ruiz - (live) Drums
Joel Martinez - (live) Bass

Cradle Bio

'Cradle' has always been an entity derived from Ben Arredondo's head. Since the year of 1993, when Ben was 13 years old, and Grunge was the sound tackling the airwaves with full force, it was apparent that guitar playing was the key to expression without consequences.

The major influence that brought about the urge to vent through music was the amazingly gritty sound of Nirvana. Self-taught, and full of ambition, Ben would practice for hours and hours until a certain chord progression or riff was perfected. While always finding poetry and written expression easy to produce, writing lyrics and original music came very naturally to Ben.

Throughout High School bands were formed, music demos recorded, and more and more influences fell into the mix. Now, with Nirvana dead but not gone, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains soon filled the void.

There have been plenty of ups and downs, hundreds of demos, 3 full-length albums, trial and error, love and tragedy.

The most recent album, "The Red In Me" was thought to be the last in Ben's music endeavors. The need to be picked up by a label became validation that he had never achieved. Besides a few indie label bites, no major publication and/or major distribution contracts arrived in the mail, in response to one of the many demos sent out.

Until one day in April 2008.

"The Red In Me" will soon be issued a date for NATIONAL RELEASE.

In light of the recent record deal, a live band was recruited, and will accompany Ben as 'Cradle' in future shows.

The contract is non-exclusive, and Cradle is more than welcome to switch labels at any time.

Keep in eye on Cradle, and wish the music all the best.

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