Quite an outdoorsman. Enjoys canoe trips that take him to the interior of some of the most beautiful parks in Ontario. Fishing is just an excuse to paddle and be where he wants to be. Similar with hunting Randy enjoys bow unting for white tailed deer, but most of all just likes sitting in a tree watching everything below.
Randy has a daughter age 18 and son age 16 who both love the outdoors like their dad. Randy and his children lost their mother after six years with cancer. She passed away in April of 2003 so they are still pulling their life together. Randy says she is the one that writes his songs. "they certainly don't completely come just from me, she's got to be around somewhere, somehow.
He is inspired by her presence and the many thousands of wonderful memories they share; they began dating at 15 and were together for 28 years until she died at age 43. Randy believes it is her that has prompted him to do something with his songs.

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This is a tuff one,,,I'll have to wait and see what people say.


Randy was influenced musically at a very young age by many singers from dylan to roger whittaker,,,but the artists that continue to influence him most are, Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot.


Randall John Forbes was brought up in Northern Ontario Canada. His father got him interested in a guitar when he was 15 years old and he has been playing around campfires and writing songs ever since. Randy is the youngest in a family of 5 and always had music in the house when he was growing up.

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