Air tight word connection, metaphors that will have you with your mouth wide open. This is a rap artist, who also produces and songwrites, from R&B to Pop, etc, has the total package. Think Eminem meets Joe Budden on the lyrical tip. Think DeVante Swing meets Timbaland on the production tip, you have CKG! His debut album, The Replacement will feature his crew, "Blocks Wit Me", and the hit songs "I Don't Know About All That" and "I Heard That". Major labels are finally starting to notice what others have know. CKG is the true don of Chicago!

CKG-The Replacement

Born on the Southside of Chicago, CKG grew up the only son. While his father was at work most of the time, he ran the streets learning about life from his friends & local people “on the corner.” He grew up in a neighborhood filled with gangs & drugs but got the chance to get away from it at an early age. His parents instilled in him good values. The knowledge to know right from wrong, though he sometimes steered toward wrong anyway. In 3rd grade he got chosen to go to a magnet school for children with special talent. He chose not to go because he didn’t want to seem “different”, a choice he would later regret. He got A’s all the time on writing assignments & never wrote one book report on a book that was the choice of the student. He made up his own stories, author & all, and got A’s! A great writer, he studied music & starting writing rap, R&B, even pop songs. He was a part of a couple rap groups that never panned out.

CKG is a true to life Gemini; he’s laid back one minute, the next thing you know he’s bouncing across the room. Known for his sense of humor and witty charm, he’s known to come across as he is “a cool individual”. This can be illustrated through his album.

The self-proclaimed “Real Life Charlie Brown”, he’s the underdog, the one that has taken his lumps & swallowed them and has still been able to be optimistic about situations. His frustration is shown through his music as he always manages to stay cool as a fan off the mic, but vents his anger & frustration on it.

His artistic vision has already led this aspiring superstar, icon and American Idol to contemplate the set-up of his first five albums. “The Replacement”, “I’m Heaven

Sent”, “The World Hates Me”, “Better Repent”, “There’s No Hating On My Regimen”. You could compare this concept to the Nas album releases; with all his album covers you could place them end to end and a message would be spelled would read inform his fans that he is here to “Replace” the best. Packaging of his album “The Replacement” will be in a box type of packaging a la “replacement light bulb”, on the front stating “this box contains one classic album, the re-placement, bonus dvd, etc , he’s sure to show that he’s a “thug that can make you laugh”. Think Nas crossed with Eminem.

Not only does he plan to go into the music business and replace those that are lacking, he also has a community driven mind-set which pushed him to form his own company, “Push Infinite-Ties”. Push Infinite-Ties is an acronym meaning to push towards creating ties with people for infinity, whether it be through music as an artist, a producer, designer, actor, etc.

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