New Hope, PA artist Chris Yurchuck smiles when asked how he would categorize his music. "I used to try really hard to answer this question. Now I just let the song go where it takes me and try not to define what I do - I love music and good storytelling, period. The song is just the vehicle to tell the story - so it can be a pick-up truck or a thunderbird, it just depends on how fast I want to get you there." Chris' songs have most recently been featured on The Black Donnellys on NBC, as well as programming on A & E, Fox, and Lifetime. His music is also currently in rotation on widescreen radio at Regal and United Artists theaters nationwide. Tracks from his debut CD, were featured in the 4th season DVD of the hit Warner Brothers show, Felicity and will soon be on the DVD for the hit WB show Everwood.
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