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CHRIS ELLIS is an exciting performer and songwriter hailing from Morgan Hill, California. Chris has played numerous instruments in numerous bands over the years. In the 80's Chris played bass with the original band "The Tearmagnets". With this band, Chris has warmed up stages for the likes of Ronnie Montrose, Tony McAlpine, Rory Gallagher, Robin Ford, Bourgeois-Tagg, Ric Emmett, Dave Miniketti, Clarence Clemmons, and many other national acts too numerous to mention here. Chris is currently writing songs and playing gigs with her band The Shadow Opera. (Chris plays keys and violin as well as singing) Her style has morphed from new age female singer/songwriter to a more bluesy/jazzy style with quite a lot of Spanish rhythms and harmonies thrown in for spice. Being a published author, Chris prides herself on her insightful and descriptive lyrics that create a miniature universe around the listener and invites them in. If you're in the area, come and see one of the shows. Visit the website at or visit

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