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Working on a new CD, will be out Fall 09. Updates and fun stuff at!

Why I Do What I Do

Shortly after we moved to Fort Myers, I began writing songs. Long, wordy songs - some pretty good, others not so hot.

Then one late afternoon at the beach, our daughter Josie told me that she thought the setting sun looked like a big red ball. So I wrote a song about it.

Later, Josie and I were reading a book about animals and she pronounced the "g" in "gnu." I wrote a song about it.

I began looking at music and songwriting in a whole new way. The songs were coming to me in bursts, and the lyrics were making me smile as I wrote them.

So now, I'm taking off on a new adventure - what I call "folk rock for groovin' families." These are songs that I hope kids and their parents will dig together - some are fun, some teach lessons, some are heartwarming. I've got a few for you here now. The rest will be on the soon-to-be-released CD Everyday Things.

This is a journey that Josie, my wife Anna and I are taking together. When Josie dances, I know I'm onto something. And Anna is my manager, best friend, occasional critic and reluctant back-up singer.

Life is good - we find the joy in everyday things. Hope you find the joy and take the journey with us.

July 8, 2007

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