I originally started as a drummer in a garage rock band in Arkansas, but in order to branch out and start writing and singing, I switched to a hand drum and started playing in local coffee houses and small bars in the surrounding AR college towns: Mountain Home, Fayetteville, Jonesboro and Springfield, MO. On the side, I began playing acoustic guitar and became inspired to write even more. After moving to Panama City Beach, FL, I had some local radio play from a demo I had made in St. Louis, MO. My music took a turn, however, when I was asked to play stand up drums in a surf/rockabilly band. After writing and completing another demo, we played local bars and competed in a battle of the bands. We were asked to play at a meeting for the Film and Television Assoc. in Tallahassee, FL and from that connection we were off to Nashville, TN to play at Tootsie's and a couple of other bars downtown. While in Nashville, I met an artist in the traditional rockabilly genre who asked if I would play drums for her in Las Vegas, NV. After playing at Jillian's,downtown off of Freemont St., I returned to FL and began once again writing and playing acoustic guitar. These new songs are only the begining for me. I am currently working on a rock/alternative project; writing, playing electric guitar and singing. This project, I feel, is more true to what I am about...but my heart and soul will always be with songwriting. No matter what sound it takes on.

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