CAMPSITE20’s music is a catchy blend of melodically oriented punk rock with a pop and hard rock influence. Although many of the band’s songs have a rough unpolished punk rock edge, the band’s songs rarely lose their pop sensibility. However, that pop sensibility is used in enough moderation to ensure that the music maintains its artistic integrity. The band has always tried to stay away from overusing punk and pop-punk song writing clichés to keep the music sounding fresh and original. The band’s largest asset may be its energetic live performances. The philosophy of CAMPSITE20 has always been to have a great time playing music while at the same time passing that great time on to the audience. All the songs are written with the live show audience in mind.

CAMPSITE20 formed in the fall of 2001. It consisted of Luke Cimarusti on drums and Chris Wilson on guitar and vocals. Seeking a bass player to complete the band lineup, Joe Gac, a close friend of Chris, was recruited to fill the vo
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