BNZ is a Modern Pop Rock band from the Baltimore, Md. area. The band consists of Matt Crafton (guitar and vocals), Anthony DiMenna (bass) and Scott Smith (drums and vocals). Recordings and live shows feature performances by Dave McCarter (electric guitar), Paul Krysiak (keyboards) and world renowned saxophonist Carl Grubbs who studied under the late John Coltrane. Undeniably strong songs and top notch musicianship have helped BNZ pack many venues in and around their home base area. Their fan base is continuing to grow at a rapid pace along with the sales of their independent release, "Tricky Damn Road".

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Radio Airplay:
103.1 WRNR
89.7 WTMD
XM Radio

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80's music, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, John Coltrane, Prince, Beatles, Led Zepplin, Sade, Police/Sting


Matt Crafton (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals) was introduced to Scott Smith (Drums) through a mutual friend. After seeing Scott play with several other local bands around the baltimore area...the two got together to jam and share a few ideas. They conitinued to put together ideas and arranged what would be the songs on their current release "Tricky Damn Road". It was time for a bass player. All this time Matt had also been playing his songs with his brother Anthony DiMenna (Bass). The band's first practice was actually broken up by the police for a noise violation in Fell's Point although, the officer claimed he liked what he heard. The band began to practice regularly to polish off the songs and soon aquired Dave McCarter on electric guitar. It was time to see what would happen in the studio...The Invisible Sound Studio recordings turned out so well that it catapulted BNZ into new ideas and explosive songs to write together and the band was formed. BNZ is currently playing in and around the Baltimore, Annapolis and DC area promoting its new independent release "Tricky Damn Road" and rapidly building a very loyal fan base. BNZ is also getting regular airplay on 103.1 WRNR, 89.7 WTMD and XM radio.

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