Singer/Songwriter and Producer
Ben works with many different musicians and singers, in order to ensure a great variation of creative input.

Successes were booked with songs as "Fantasy", "Hate 2CU dance", "No Pain no Gain" and "You're a 9", all of which appeared and reappeared in several Broadjam 10 Charts, resulting in a lot of attention and radio play (Switzerland, US)

The Album "Combinations" was recorded and produced under the Diamond Crane umbrella, together with cowriter/producer/brother Sies Kranen. The album can be ordered at Itunes and

Latest News

The Song 'Time Machine' won 2 prices in the NLB songwriting contest: one for 'Best lyrics' (Thanks to Lee, who wrote that) and for 'best presentation' (performance, arrangement)

Musical experience

Songwriter, Singer, Producer since 2 decades.
Broad range of styles.
Always searching for a catchy hooks and tickling phrases.
Playing many parts and tracks myself, but I have worked with different artists to ensure maximum creativity.

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