Been writing songs since forever. Still striving for that perfect "10".

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May 2016 - Whoa; nice morning email letting me know "The Life In Your Love" has made the Top 10 Country-Folk Chart. Many, many thanks to all of you!!

January 2013 - Thanks Broadjam! "You Never Know" has made the Top 10 Folk-Country chart once again. Thanks for listening ya'll !

What a kick! "You Never Know" has made Broadjam's Top 10 Folk-Country chart August 25, 2009, and the Alabama Top 10 chart on Sept 2. Thank you ALL for your support!


Started playing and writing music as a youth in Spartanburg, SC, as well as into radio broadcasting. Did a number of dumb things in those days (but also jammed) with high school fraternity brothers Tommy & Toy Caldwell, who eventually formed Marshal Tucker Band.

Went off to the Navy at 17 (actually, I got thrown out of the house for being an idiot.) I learned many years later that a Tommy took over at bass for the Esquires, the band I was in at the time. We all miss those boys.

At 21 re-formed a band called the "Mauroks" that had come together while stationed in Asmara, Ethiopia (Africa). Had a record out called "Susan" on De-Lite records. Unbelievably someone posted it to YouTube (search for Mauroks). My last name was Kaup at the time, my step father's, and shows up on the label.

De-Lite was the same label that Kool & The Gang broke out on. We once did a promo tour with them, and also played a High School Prom :-) with Joe Walsh and the James Gang back when they were pushing their first album. What a freakin' kick that was.

Later got into production, then built and operated a studio on Long Island for a few years. In that process realized how much I didn't know about how stuff works and went back to school to study Electrical Engineering. Before finishing I got a job opportunity at Bell Telephone Laboratories (where the Transistor, Laser, Fiber Optics and a lot of and other stuff was invented). Have gone on to help form a number of technical start up companies, but have never lost the compulsion to write and produce.

I'm on to re-kindling those endeavors.

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Corporate Grind LLC
over 30 days ago to Tom Ballister

A very tuneful melody, Good work Tom

Corporate Grind LLC
over 30 days ago to Tom Ballister

Very nice work Tom, Great work on the instruments.

J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Tom Ballister

Tom, "You Never Know" Indeed! ... Really Enjoyed That One ... Love The Unpredictable Chord Progression And Your Top Notch Vocal ... Great Work All Around ... Best Wishes For Wherever Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

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