Imagine this. A band with the speed and fury of metal, the intricacy and power of hardcore, and the emotion of emo. This sounds like the most perfectly constructed band. Based out of Lakeland, Florida this band is taking huge strides in such a short time. This band started by the demise of a local band. With drummer Lee Harris and guitarist Neil Harris picking up the pieces, they were looking to create something new. A friend of the two led them on to vocalist Jeff Erickson. They started continually playing and realized they needed more members to complete this band. They became a quartet with Patrick Adams. This is what the band needed to be complete. They worked hard and got five songs together and released their self-recorded album "A Line In The Most Honest Composition." Live,their raw power and emotion will definitely make you an instant fan. So do your self a favor, pick up the demo and go watch a local show. This is definitely a band you don't want to miss. Long Live AOA.
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