Troy Castellano, the "me" in this story, is the proprietor of this music cache. As a songwriter, composer, and music producer, I started this My Blue Heaven Music LLC after moving to Nashville, TN. I grew up in a small town in central Minnesota, where playing outside or watching TV were the only things to do. I found myself sitting around our old home record player more than anything. I still have that giant family console to this day! That record player undoubtedly shaped me at a young age. Listening to bands like Cheap Trick, Kiss, and Aerosmith forged dreams of myself playing guitar in a band one day.

My journey has taken me from the bars and clubs around Minnesota to opening shows for artists like Cheap Trick, Styx, to offers of a record deal in Los Angeles, to playing on an album with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue! After finally making a life-changing move to Nashville, Tennessee, where I currently live writing and producing music.

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"Lost Amen" wins the Great American Song Contest Grand prize!

Troy Castellano's Bio

Hailing from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the state of ever changing seasons, Troy Castellano is an award winning rock-pop singer songwriter who's music has been described as Train met Lifehouse, got on Matchbox 20's tour bus and jammed! Writing and performing music has always been one of the biggest passions in his life. It's those burning affections that continue to drive his lust for creating memorable music.

Accolades and Awards
• Licensed music to MTV Networks, TLC Network, Bravo, Discovery, Oxygen Network, , Score Keepers Music, Song & Film, and SoundFile Productions.
• KQRS 92.5 FM's 2011 Rock Stock Battle of the Bands Winner. TCG opened at Midway Stadium, St. Paul MN with for Styx, Cheap Trick!
• Winner of 2010 Industry Midwest Music Meltdown Summit song competition Milwaukee WI
• Guitar tracks for Tommy Lee's new Methods of Mayhem album "A Public Disservice Announcement". Released on RoadRunner Records 2010.
• Top 20 finalist in's 2010 6-Pack Songwriting Competition
• Top 20 finalist in's 2009 6-Pack Songwriting Competition
• Placed 3rd in Contest.
• Finalist for 2010 Show Me The Music song contest for Alternative category.
• Finalist for 2009 Show Me The Music song contest for Alternative category.
• Featured artist on
• Featured artist on
• Featured artist on Indies Top 10
• Gold Artist Award from

Quotes about Troy's music
"Superb job, well done!"?Marty Peters, Recording Magazine
"Killa guitar riffs Troy, way to play in and around what we already have" "That was f'n rad dude"?Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem
"Troy really knows how to pack a punch in a short amount of time!"?Ross Riahala, St. Paul Pioneer Press
"Awesome radio ready songs!"?Janey Raven, The New Mix 105 FM
"A pile drive of arrangements and high quality vocals come together with precision and form. Troy's steadfast delivery of the playing comes through with a solid force." Taxi, Independent A&R
"Troy has a fantastic sound and his songs are songs that I can easily relate to"?Rockin Robin - KBEK Radio
"Every time I hear one of Troy's compositions I instinctively turn it up, because he rocks"?Mei Young - KQRS Radio
"Troy electrifies the stage with the presence of a yester-year guitar great, killer tunes, and excellent performances."?Marshall Washburn - Stone Roller Magazine

Where it all Began
As with many of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s, Troy found him self enthralled with guitar oriented rock music from bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, to Van Halen. Although Troy does not sound distinctly like the bands he admires, Troy's music reflects the many sound scapes and dynamics of guitar bands of today and the past. Troy's passion for music started one fateful X-mas when his parents bought him his first electric guitar. Coupled with another gift of music, Deep Purple's Machine Head album that year, Troy's musical fire was ignited with sparks bursting from the soul. That fire has been a non-extinguishable flame that burns strong and bright today.
Since those first sparks, Troy has felt that music is the most influential force in the world. As he says, "Music can be the healer, the peacemaker, the influencer, the agitator, and the fire starter. You name it, music has been there in all forms and emotion throughout the history of the world.

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over 30 days ago to Troy Castellano

https://oasisentertainmentblog.word my-blue-heaven-studio-volume-one-by -troy-castellano/

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over 30 days ago

I listen all your songs but i like country rain the most.. Keep it up!

over 30 days ago to Troy Castellano

My name is Bob Levoy, and I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and music and concert reviewer. I have written over 3500 reviews since the 1980s for my blog Oasis Entertainment and for independent record labels, PR firms, festivals, venues and bands. I write reviews for all genres, except for hip hop, which is not my cup of tea.

In addition to all the independent labels and artists that I have been writing reviews for, I am currently an Author on Staff at Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. I write music reviews and do concert and festival interviews and reviews for their magazine.

I will still write reviews for my independent artists and labels in addition to the work I will be doing for Virtuosity Worldwide.

I do reviews in the following priority:
1. Vinyl (I prefer signed if available)
2. CD's (I also review older releases)
3. Digital Download
4. Streaming only if I don't have any of the above on my desk which is very rare. Streaming takes too much time and some cases with songs running together I am unable to tell one song from another.

I would also be interested in reviewing your bands music and reviewing your live performance if you are ever in my area. I do not ask for pay for my reviews, I only ask for either a signed Vinyl or CD and an X-large t-shirt that I wear to promote the bands.

You can contact me at one of the links below. Plus, I would love the opportunity to get my vinyl signed the bands.

Bob Levoy
Owner of Oasis Entertainment Blog
Writer for Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine
204 Rainbow Drive
Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659

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Troy Castellano
over 30 days ago

Hey Bob, thanks for sending your message. I would love to have you do a review. I will send you signed copy of my latest CDs! Have a great day!

over 30 days ago

thank you so much

over 30 days ago

https://oasisentertainmentblog.word my-blue-heaven-studio-volume-one-by -troy-castellano/

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago to Troy Castellano

"everybody wants to change something"

LOVE THIS SONG! Simple, Beautiful. Great


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Troy Castellano
over 30 days ago

Thank you Hank! Hope all is good with you. Been a while since I've been on Broadjam!

Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago

All is as well as ever.
Check out ths one: 1

Rewriting a couple lyrics but, overall, it's a good one.


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