I am an American/Jamaican poet living in Holland with his wife Diana and child Ama. I am also a Master Student of Museology (Museum Administrations). I have done many poetry exhibitions and creative research in many parts of the World such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgrade, UK, and the USA. One of my dreams is establishing an international art centre one day as to heal humanity with the Arts. Currently, I have been working on my next spokenWords book which should be release by the end of 2004. It’s titled “Ankh Chi Tao�. It's one of my newer work in progress but you the readers can view the illustrations as well as the first 20 sample poems through my personal home page iota.tv
Or visit http://www.iota.tv/the_scribe/poetry/chitao.html. These spokenwords singles I have release have the associative title "MAD" which is short for Music Accompanied Dialect.

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Music… with tonal frequency to enhance your "eargasmic" experiences Sophisticated intuitive communication on rhythmic beats and urban living Future noise on post-modern classic as well as an adorable ecstasy of refreshing audio-log Worship love jealous prejudiced on independent authority but no discontent for true lovers Composition of complex complexion to induce reactions of distinguish thought patterns Inferior silent echo an avalanche of mood some sharp tunes for perspiration of the brain Creative intoxication sweetly imposing glow from the exceptional sighting child of blind Pregnant characteristics substitute with zealous sensitivity shared responsibility of addiction Smiles deprive associates in blanket of amuse emigrate emptiness of the social unintelligent. Accompanied… in darkness but the sound of the light is guiding not to thy eyes… an alibi Naturalized one worldly citizens of words and deeds alluring child of ambiguous gleam.

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On current and departed artists who are using or have made the creative connections between pop/music and poetry: Jewel' 'A Night Without Armor', Tupac, Billie Holiday, “Strange Fruit”. Benjamin Zephaniah, Martin Glynn and Levi Tafari.


Kenton Lowe a.k.a. Jamaikie, Diana Dah Min Ng, Ama Hatshepsut SteadySpear, Myself- Ank J.SteadySpear, Mothers…Women of the World, The sadness and happiness of life. The ego of pride.


I am not a rapper nor am I a singer, the audio I create I really don’t know what to call it or what genre to categorise it. To me it’s an experiment using sounds and spoken word poetry. Most of my vocalizations are actual reading of poetry; the words are from me but also for me. The most delightful part about producing my crazy sounds and poetry is that my two years old daughter Ama an American Chinese Jamaican child seems to like it, she calls it music so I continue creating with aspiration that others may share this same appreciation. In exhibition of my intent I must say thank for your time, I do recognize the factor that time is money and money is time. Therefore, I must emphasise uniqueness in my abilities to produce on demand. My only short coming at this moment is I lack the funding in presenting you a high quality sample of my vocals and beats splicing. My life is a struggle, but that would be an understatement comparing to those with less than I. So I do with the limited tools, a used MC 303, a seven-year-old Macintosh computer and broken Sony mini disc recorder. I have creating some sounds of refreshing pleasure that can one day help to get my family out of poverty. I do not like stardom, there is no privacy this is not my objective, nor am I seeking to be wealth. I only need enough to pay for my academic dreams. In the end it’s education that really matters to me, nothing else.The journey to your door has been a long and challenging one.

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