In the latitudes of popular music, "Tunesmith" is the term most worthy of
Anthony Russell. A classic pop sensibility informs eloquent melodies and
burnished, crafted lyrics. Subtle but insistent, the songs remain in the memory long
after the singer has sung.

Over a span of a dozen songs, love ballads alternate with
historic tales of chivalry lost; romantic interludes are intercut with sly asides.
Given the classic Brit-pop reference points, it comes as no surprise that one
of the producers behind the mixing console is the legendary studio master for
The Who and The Kinks, Shel Talmy.

Raised in England, Anthony absorbed a rich musical culture from skiffle to
the pop hits of Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Motown, and most profoundly, the
Beatles. Distilled and reinvented through his own artistry, Dear Mother, the
album, celebrates the purity of this pop expression.

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