Songwriter / Singer. Lots of tone, sense of blues, sultryness, soulful, very melodic and laid back.

Influences include, Billy Holliday, Aretha, Mariah, Whitney, Jimmy Scott - The Source, Rat Pack, Natalie King Cole, Ella, Pegge Lee , Nina Simone and all the other greats.

Very melodic. Enjoys performing live. An Entertainer. Seeking Music Publishing and/or Recording Contract/Synchronisation, Thank you and Enjoy Listening. Please keep surpporting!


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No1 UK Jazz Chart Artiste for 25 Weeks (Reverbnation)

Four times Award Nominee Artiste

Written over 1000 songs

Follow Your Dreams:No1 for 25 we

Follow Your Dreams: Was No1 for 25 weeks on the Jazz charts (Reverbnation) and stayed top14 for 3 years consecutively since released in 2009.

The first UK and Anglo African act to achieve that success.

"Anthony is a dynamic performer whose sound is characterized by a hybrid of jazz vocals, blues beats and scatological rifts, indeed a soul singer with an acoustic twist" (Podium Magazine Review)."

Follow Your Dreams - Thank You Notes.

I am a songwriter. My songs are an interpretation of my day to day emotions.. Whether sad, angry, depressed or full of joy - there's always a story a narrative to tell and my songs are a creative way to allay and express my emotions in a positive way. That's why I write, singing is then the medium through which I convey myself outwardly.

I've written well over 1000 songs and continue to write daily on piano. I love Jazz, Soul & Gospel. I'm not religious but I belive, I'm very spiritual. The only thing I'm afraid of - is me! Cuz I know what I'm capable of when I endure, travail and apply myself.

My songs bring simplicity to life full of chaos as it is - they are wholesome and melodic and yet memorable so as to keep you entangled in its hypnotic spirit enhancing vibe. This isn't a typical album but an exploration of a greater intent that was temporarily derailed by the travails in life I was going through at that time.

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