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To record with THREE TIME GRAMMY WINNING ENGINEER/PRODUCER Marc Urselli, contact >> Angie Seegers with MWW Management - West Coast Agent for Marc Urselli:

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Aceademy of Art San Francisco ...

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Angie Seegers - Violin

One of six children, Angie was born amongst a family of artists and currently resides in San Francisco, California along with her twin sons and daughter.

Her Sicilian mother: fashion illustrator, painter, modern dancer, and singer -- met her German father: sculptor photographer, painter, and ballet dancer in art school, both of whom became established fine artists well before graduating.

Having a grandfather that crafted violins by hand in Germany was a discovery made 20 years into playing.

Angie began at the age of 7, proceeding on to playing professionally and teaching violin by the age of 12.

Her words sum the extension of self precisely:

"A lifetime of art produces a very different range within a person, from that which comes from an individual deciding what to pursue later in life."

It was very clear from the beginning that there was a passion to communicate through the instrument, as the soft-spoken player could often not be heard, and her shy nature at the time was nowhere to be found when she would play: "Everything that needed to be expressed came through the violin."

Musicians, Composers, Sculptors, Photographers, Painters, Fashion Illustrators, Writers, Choreographers, Dancers...the lineage of artists never skipped a generation.

Having declined invitations to play for Porno for Pyros and Siouxsie and the Banshees at a young age, then later for friend, singer songwriter POE, Angie remains the same today, as far as preferring the background. If you ask her why this is, she will explain the journey of watching the talented become famous (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Alicia Keys) and how it "effects something as simple as buying a loaf of bread hassle free." No desire for the forefront, you will find her deep within the music industry, "quietly consulting and creatively constructing routes to bring people closer together."

Angie prefers to compose and give the compositions to performers to make their own.

"The desire is to speak, to make sound that tells a story and lets the listener in fully, without one lyric divulging emotions that, to me, have no words. Much as the ocean speaks in soft ripples and crashes, drawing us in, so does the hidden melody that never repeats."

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