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Though young, this hungry rap artist is lyrically years aheard of his time. Artistically using his words to paint a picture so vivid, only the ears of real and authentic can understand and see. Facing many obstacles is his young lifetime, and overcoming each one, he is only prepared for the worst because "Dis bulls--t ain't nothin' new". With years ahead of him, walking down the wrong road is a thing of the past. With his mind on the right path at such an early age, there are no limits to what he will accomplish in the future.

Who Want It

Who Want It©


We pheenin’ to leave a mothafuckin bleeding’
Scheming on my cheese will get your body found steaming’
In the woods, it’ll be good if you backed up or,
Get clapped up, wrapped up, and sent of to the morgue
Yaw ain’t fucking or bucking with the triple four
We war, bring drama like Usama
Yaw ain’t ready for the problem that I am
Get rammed like ST. Louis, I leaving them clueless
Nobody can do this like me, Hotter the 1,000 degrees
Stepping’ to me, It’s gonna happen to be a tragedy
Keep rapping I’m a give the news viewers, something sad to see
I’m a boss bitch everything, I talk I walk
I’ll get u off'd quick, and it won’t cost shit
Yeah I’m young, but considered an OG
Won’t a nigga fold me hold it down on my lonely
But only when Butch, Wyz, & Stacks ain’t around
And they my homies till death, Fuck with them or my money
And you’ll get left stretched

(WHO), who want it
Watch them get fucked up by the triple 4
(WHO), who want it
Watch them get fucked up by the triple 4
Repeat 6xs

This is my life I would like to introduce you to
A nigga who main goal is bread as usual
I used to do the same shit these lame niggaz
Wish to do, my visual sitting’ on a change in a year or two
But I gotta stay on my grizz, this shit goes on 365 days of the year I’ll fear no nigga can’t say it more clear, nobody stopping us It’s obvious to see that we got monopoly in the game where we at Philly be that place that everybody want be at
React quick to all these haters they can smack, get jack by
4 niggas in a black ac—stop that I’ll think you niggas really want that, pass that green I stay on lean we gone show you muthafuckas something That you never seen ohh


Who the fuck want it triple 4 cunning as a jaguar on the concrete
With finesse get you blessed you want beef silly
We suffering from famine, so we eat that really go to war
Like Achilles gladiator in heart the Philly in me
Southside be exact so you know the sneak in me
Leave you hushed and under us it ain’t a thang to us man---
It’s the game but I’ll play referee I be get charged and a tech put you under for eternity, told you it’s just the code
Perdition be the road that we chose to end up John Doe
In the Schuylkill, who won’t kill 187 ain’t a deal you know—
Cock back reveal ya thoughts and if it’s more of ya then it will just be a sea of corpses, I been stop caring since then daring death to come and get me but the ripper running so who fucking with me


Can I Cry


Lyrics by:
Jordyn M. Dorsey – aka Butch
For AMarriage Entertainment, LLC™


This for that nigga Donny (piece)
He was killed in prison
Shanked in the cafeteria,
This is how we livin
But what about his children
They will never know their pop
Piece to that nigga hak
Next year, life got rocked
This hood is fucked up
We growing up rough
All I hear is bad news
It’s like (what)
Every good thing that we have we lose
These streets is dirty
And will I even live to see 30
I’m suicidal
At 17, prep to see the heaven scene
I ain’t going nowhere in this life
And where is God all the time
And will he shine his light
Cause I’m in desperate need
Choking from the pressure in these streets
I can barely breathe
I’m breaking down, can I cry
Mom I wanna die
My own pop don’t fuck wit me and he alive
They tell me watch my tongue,
I’m just being real
When I was three years old my grandma was killed
Like a mothafucking dealer on these streets
I try to analyze death, but it cut deep
Lij hold yaw head up
Nigga you my brother dead up
We smile through the pain an the mist of death
Gigglin wit my last breathe
Wit no fear tagged on my chest
Cause I’m a rider
Trust me I’ll put something inside ya
I’m at my limit
And you can get your life ended
I’m pissed off
From all the loved ones that I lost
Every mothafucking year (what)
It’s another mothafucking peer
Since I was born I shedded 17 tears
And still I morn


Can I cry, can I cry, can I cry
I wanna die I wanna die
2 xs

Hey yo the man who run the land
What he don’t understand
That we live a thug’s life
So he want us in a can
Like Reese an Mally
Locked up all salty
Facing 30 year bids and we got little kids
Please God shed mercy on my people
I believe in you
And to me you are very, very true
Now take my niggaz off the water
And keep an angel wit,
Don baby mom, and his daughter, please
In the name of Christ
Guide us through the darkest nights
It’s like no light shines, I live an awkward life
Brought up to fear, from the death of my peers
Nobody cares when I’m shedding tears
I’m alone an on my own
That’s how it appears
I wanna die
Why they won’t allow me to cry, it’s fucked up
I just can’t vent
This life don’t make no since
I’m ready to ride the bench

Hook 2xs

Sometimes I feel I wanna cry
I get so emotional
Bout how my life is and the way I feel it’s posed to go
I’m feeling hopeless though
Like death is coming
Gunning for me no point in running, cause it’s getting closer no
Now I need to believe she can change
But some things ain’t he same, I really need some time to work it out
Mentally I’ll succeed, and maintain but in order to stay sane
I need to find a way to get it out
So I cry, I cry, I cry
But they won’t let me cry

Hook 10xs

Still Dreamin

Still Dreaming©

(Butch) verse1

Ya wonder what it’s like 2 b a N.I.G.G.A
ASSED out but I’ll support my black folk all the way
…I’ll buy ya products
An invest my little bit of dollars
…into my niggaz
oh better yet my brothers an sister
I nothing better yaw I’m goin through da struggle wit ya
To every ghetto
This is for all da single mothers
Raisin up us black brothers
Into da men that we are
Momma’s be proud because you done brought us this far
Don’t disregard hypocrisy
Must let’em know that we are not free
If we are, livin in poverty
Let’s come together and, form a democracy
An make a change forever
It doesn’t seem like they care for us
Yeah it’s welfare
But, that’s all that’s their for us
I’m a say a prayer 4 us
It’s time to us our brains
An not them thangs
An money we’ll see lots of like some motha fuckin doctor’s man


The government is stallin
An freedom is what they call it
I can’t afford a plunger to come an fix my toilet
I make, minimum wage
An I work 7 days
To only make enough, so my bills can be paid
I’m so fucked up in da game
I wanna blow out my brains
I’m only trynna to maintain
Who can feel my pain?
…they wanna see a nigga shoot heroin in his veins
or fuckin wit cocaine, it’s a motha fuckin shame

(Butch) bridge

and hopefully someday things a change for colored folk
to god I pray, everyday I wake I hope
y see they flooded our ghetto streets wit dope
an now we go against each other we’re cut throat 2x

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