Alvarroco is a proyect that started when i got some recording equipment and wanted to express myself .
With all respect and love for Music!
Alvarroco is a mix of gengres and influences with a taste of insanity covered with chocolate!
Today Alvarroco records and participates in proyects for bands, singers and studios as a producer, as a musician and composer arrenger. Appart of his own proyects, he also does from an advertising jingle to a soundtrack song.
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over 30 days ago to ALVARROCO

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peter o
over 30 days ago to ALVARROCO

I had trouble listening to you song, somehow it kept cutting out. I'll check my gear out and give it another listen. Sorry 'bout that. Pete

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peter o
over 30 days ago

Truly enjoyed Travel. Doggy rocks......Like traveling with a pocket ful 'o' hot sauce

Ed Dunn
over 30 days ago to ALVARROCO

Thanks for the review on Merry in My Christmas. Yes this is the midi demo from 20 yrs ago but I prefer it to the recording that was waxed because I thought the demo singer did a much better job. Thanks for the listen and great comments. Ed

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