Alexander Schultz

Alexander is an experienced musician and singer/songwriter, and after spending his time fronting other bands as a leadsinger/guitarist, he decided in 2006 that it was time to move on to do something on his own. The result is the fresh album "If you forgive me, I'll just do it again", released on his own label Sound Of Norway april 24th 2007. So far some of the the album-promotion have included several media/newspaper features, 4 national radio-appearances all including live acoustic performances, 3 national tv-appearances all including live acoustic performances, in addition to several smaller tv- and radio-shows. The first single coming off the album, Watching Without Words, has already received an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Official Billboard World Songwriter Contest.

Alexander writes with passion and honesty, and his strong affection for melody and "the good song" shines through more than ever on his first album as a solo-artist. His co-operation with producer Freddy Holm has resulted in an album that in a great way balances both his acoustic preferences and rock background into a wonderful piece of pop-music. Listen and judge for yourself !

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