Bradley Fish Unstrung - SONY Digital Pictures Loop Library (For Producers Only!)

Bradley Fish makes his Sony® Sound Series? debut with the Bradley Fish: Unstrung collection, an incredible stringed instrument library created by a truly unique musician. This collection contains an outrageous blend of riffs and licks, produced using an equally outrageous assortment of instruments. Seven-string metal, blues-based rock, and sweet acoustic riffs mix it up with Chinese zithers, banjos, sitars, and more. Ever hear a mountain dulcimer shredded by a full Marshall® stack? Banjo licks strained through a Morley® wah? Now's your chance! The Bradley Fish: Unstrung library has all this and more, performed with serious chops, musical insight, and a playful spirit that makes this collection hang together and groove easy. Have a blast with the Bradley Fish: Unstrung library, a royalty-free, genre-defying, transcontinental collection that's full of great vibes and cool sounds. 498 (456MB) original, royalty-free loops Note: This is really material for Producers, musicians, etc that create loop based music.

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