Somewhere Between

A veteran of the Gainesville, Florida music scene, Berg blends acoustic roots, folks and alternative rock with crafty lyrics and a pinch of pop sensibility - a recipe for engaging songs with artistic flare. This formula for success is readily evident on Berg's release, Somewhere Between - a collection of upbeat songs with melodic hooks, recorded live, solo acoustic in one four-hour session at Rec Room Recording Studios in Gainesville. Somewhere Between captures an intimate, in-your-living-room feel that makes Berg's music so personal to the listener. The tenor of Somewhere Between ranges from the feel-good, upbeat "Things Remembered" to the reflective, somber "Goodbye." In between, "Here's To Hoping" offers a sense optimism amidst indifference, while the title track "Somewhere Between" takes the listener on a journey through the catharsis of songwriting. "All I Want" follows a stream-of-conscience glance at the psyche of a typical 18-24-year-old male, while "1989" takes a fun look back at a time where little else mattered but getting caught up in life. A energetic version of "Letters From Picasso" is the crossroads of Somewhere Between, fusing together Berg's passionate lyricism and the core of his musical influences.

Things Remembered
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