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Do you know… is the supreme question on humans thought association. Unfortunately, without research the questions of posed will be unanswered. The human statehood and condition which occurs after is a darkness of mentality with an increase of neuroticism on their personality & individuality. On the fortunate side a question can lead to the expansion of civilization and foster new growth in humanity. On the knowledge of thought there are no ridiculous questions, just ridiculous answers without research. A Sound Vibration Release: Poetic MC, Artist@Large Audio Single; Vocal: Spoken Word Poetry Free-Styling; Acoustic Notes Created by DJ Steady; Audio Engineered by Ankh Studio, Steady Records; Lyrics Written by the Scribe Ank J. SteadySpear; Source: Taken from Chi-Tao current poetry book project; CD Design by Diana Dah Min SteadySpear; CD conceptual Design by Ank J. SteadySpear; © 2004 D Ank Unlimited.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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