Violently Delicate

Eatliz is one of Israel's leading alternative rock bands. Eatliz debut album "Violently Delicate" was released in Israel to wide critical acclaim in2007. "Violently Delicate" was also released in Germany and Austria in the end of 2008, with lead single "Attractive" already gathering considerable radio airplay. In support of the release, the band recently played a showcase at Berlin Popkomm, one of the Europe's major music conventions, Eatliz award-winning animation music video "Attractive", was recently picked for high rotation on MTV Europe. The band's second music video, for the song "Hey", was hailed as one of the best 3D animation videos created in Israel, and got more than 150,000 Youtube views in the first 5 days after it's release alone. Eatliz first appeared on the Israeli indie scene in 2002 and has been playing a significant role in it ever since. Different songs feature influences of Hard-rock, Surf, Punk, Goth, Power-pop and other genres; at times several of these turn up in a single song. As such a wide variety is hard to categorize, the band usually describes its music as "complicated pop". The group has earned its following through word of mouth and extensive touring of Tel Aviv clubs. Eatliz's fans like to invite others to come and see "the best band you haven't heard yet"; but that changed with the release of the band's full-length debut release "Violently Delicate"; the first video of which, for the song "Attractive", is a beautiful animated piece that has stirred quite a buzz throughout the web. "Attractive" video won 'Best animation' category in Israel's annual animation festival 'Asif', and was nominated for 'the best Clip' award in the international animation festival "AnimaMundi" 2007 and several other international animation festivals. "Hey" video clip was nominated for 'the best Clip' award in the in morethan 40 festivals and contests and won the first place that was choosen by Mr. Spike Lee at the Tribecca fest.

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