Sounds Like I'm Crazy InstruMENTAL LP

magine Bach, Mozart, or even Beethoven sharing mental notes over time/space continuums with futuristic musicians to mix both classical & modern music. That is what you get from the first album I will be releasing this year. "Sounds Like I'm Crazy" is my personal dedication to classical symphony music. I often find myself being inspired most by classical music. The way they change through so many sequences, and actually use complex chord progressions (oppose to most "new school" computer producers). I have heard all kinds of Hip Hop beats with samples from classical music records, but this is my interpretation of the 2 being fused together. I can honestly say that this project was definitely difficult to complete, as I had to really adapt for it. I remember the save button on my Fantom-S went out just before I began working on this LP, and I had to record the best final mixes possible. Normally I make raw, rough cuts before having an actual final mixing day to produce the final tracks. I think that is what gives this album such a special vibe. Just knowing I couldn't go back and change anything gave me more inspiration to create something that is truly one of a kind. This early Spring season will be a good introduction to our year in music together, and in a little over a month, I will be putting out another instrumental LP called, "Breakin' Habits". So get your copy of "Sounds Like I'm Crazy" off your favorite digital retailer (iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Muve Music, and MORE!) Thank you for the support, and keep good music around by continuing to buy my music like you have done over the years. -Lumpz One!-

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