'Rebecca Loebe' - Rebecca Loebe

Produced by Rebecca Loebe Engineered by Matt Heeney 2005 Rebecca Loebe Becca is a great singer/songwriter. In fact, she's great at everything she does. I played on two of her songs on this demo. I did some slide playing and mando guitar and a few other things, and I think it came out great. We recorded at Matt Heeney's studio on the top floor in an apartment building on Mass Ave right next to Martin Luther King's old student apartment. Becca has since re-recorded the tunes for her album with a more acoustic folk-vibe, and I like the new versions a lot. These days Becca is travelling all over the States just herself and her guitar 'christening' people with her beautiful music. I saw her play at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge in March and I have to say that she totally blew me away with her performance. She's got that confidence that makes her songs and her performance 'believable'. Pay attention to Becca, she'll steal your heart with her music!

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