'mtcd:06' featuring Liz Stahler - Berklee compilation CD

Artist: LIZ STAHLER ? var. artists Title: ?I BLAME ME? Produced by Liz Stahler Engineered by Matt Dyson 2006 Berklee College of Music Every year Berklee releases a CD that features some of the best recording done by their current students. Liz Stahler was asked to submit a track to this compilation. It's a wonderful tune called 'I Blame Me'. Liz Teutsch is responsible for most of the guitar work on this song, but I'm playing a baritone guitar solo towards the end that we overdubbed later. This track can also be found on Liz' 'A Quarter In My Pocket' EP, and it is also being re-recorded for her full-length album scheduled to be released early next fall.

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