'mtcd:05' featuring Heather Bright - Berklee compilation CD

Artist: HEATHER BRIGHT ? var. artists Title: ?TALKIN? IN MY SLEEP? Produced by Gael Hedding Engineered by Antonio Resendiz 2005 Berklee College of Music 'Talking In My Sleep' was another overdub session. Gael Hedding asked me to do this track. I've heard Heather Bright (a.k.a. B-Rhaka) perform before and she is quite a performer. We did a bunch of different passes. I had prepared some sitar-stuff and even some jazzy lines for another take, but Gael ended up using a wah-wah pass we did for the pre chorus and and some funky/bluesy single note lines and fills for the rest of the song. And it turned out great! The track was featured on Berklee's annual Music Production where they feature the best productions from Berklee for that year. I always wanted to be on one of those CD's - big thank you's to Gael and Heather! Gael just moved L.A. to make an impact on the music community out there, and Heather seems to be doing very well in New York. She's about to release a CD featuring herself along with a bunch of well-known female artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim. Listen to her music at www.myspace.com/missbrhaka or at her website www.b-rhaka.com Artist: CHRISTIE YIH Title: ?NOT A DAY GOES BY? Produced by Keith Kwok Engineered by Do 2005 Berklee College of Music On this CD I was also playing a few notes for Christie Yih on her 'Not A Day Goes By'. I only played a few octave licks on the intro sections. It was a last minute call. I played on a rock tune called 'Even If', and did a couple of passes on 'Not A Day Goes By' before I had to run to play on a jingle session with producer Aron Sang Min Yoon and also do a jingle for producer Dev Ray. Busy times!

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