'All Of The Above' - Judith de los Santos

Produced by Judith de los Santos Engineered by Rich Mendelson 2006 Homesick Insomniac This record was such a blast to record! Judith got a black belt in taking care of everyone around her and making things really comfortable. And Rich Mendelson, of course, has legendary status from his work with New Kids On The Block. I played guitar on six of the tracks and Greg Galindo flew in from Texas, to lay down ass-kicking guitar tracks on five. Andres Ascanio played earth-quake low notes on his bass to make stuff rumble and groove, and Jack DeBoe played drums like an adult - check out his hi-hat work! Judit's got a really cool thing in the video section of her website, where she's got some studio outtakes at the end of a song where you can hear all the stupid stuff that's going on when we were recording. The album will be out in June and she's already won tons of awards for the songs.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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