'A Quarter In My Pocket' - Liz Stahler

Produced by Liz Stahler Engineered by Matt Dyson 2005 Unholy Highway Music We had a lot of fun on these recordings. We experimented a good deal, and I got to use a few different guitars. Matt Dyson was very patient. Liz had recorded the rhythm section earlier, so it was only overdubs for me, and we got to spend a good chunk of time 'tweaking'. The songs are quite different. One is very ambient and Liz brought in a programmer to add to the 'floating' vibe. Another one is more 'rootsy', where I play mando guitar, slide and a Gretcsh Duo Jet with extra twang. 'A Qaurter In My Pocket' is only for sale at Liz' gigs or through her website. But I think most of the songs are gonna be re-recorded and put on Liz' new record, so if you're patient enough you can hear them on the 'big' release due out in the fall of 2006.

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