Alan Hall; lead guitar, vocals, song writer
Mike Jeffrey; rythum guitar, harmonica, vocals, song writer
Cindy Broughton; bass guitar
Kim Broughton, Drummer, percussions, vocals
The Alan Hall Blues Band blends together a mix of traditional blues with some folk. Their powerful vocals and duets set them apart for most other groups. With their root in folk and bluegrass the conversion to the blues was very easy when they made the decission, but at their live shows you just never know when some folk or gospel might surface. Alan Halls lead backed by the driven rthyms of the band makes for a powerful blues grove that moves the crowds to scream for more. We believe in the blues til the day we die.

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We have moved the wed. night jam to The Star Club, 1331 W. Main Street Merced Ca. come on in and have some fun, that`s what it`s all about! Now, let`s play the Blues!!

Believe in the Blues til the day

We began as Cindy & The Rockets and played private parties and just jammed around the house. Then in Oct. of 2004 I was approaced by a local club owner Rudy`s Jazz & Blues club to help them organize a jam session. We decided that wednesday which was the slowest day of the week at the club would be a good night. On the first wed. of Nov. 2004 we open the doors for the very first jam session. The first few weeks were brutal with next to no jammers. We hung in there and after a month the word got out and the jammers started showing up. We did things a little diffrent. We let folks come in with their bands or parts of their bands and filled the stage with the rest of our band. With no sign-up sheet we mixed folks together trying to provide good entertainment and please the jammers. It`s been over a year now, the jam session is very successful with folks comming from all over the central valley to jam. We are now recording the jams live to further promote live music in the valley. The jams have become so popular we have expanded it to 2 nights, Blues on Wen. and Jazz on Thurs. So if your in the merced area stop by Rudy`s and check us out, or stop by our website and check out the up comming shows or archives of past shows just to get a feel of what we are doing to promote live music in the valley. Thanks for stopping by, Believe in the Blues til the day i die! Mike

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