Ahd Child is a Producer/MC whose sound ranges from house music to hip hop to some type of electronic strangeness.

About Ahd Child

A writer from a young age, Ahd Child started writing and recording lyrics in 1998. In 2002 he joined rock/hip-hop fusion band 'The Left' as a lyricist and began to share his words on stage. Working with 'The Left', Ahd Child, who had taken piano lessons for several years as a child, began to get re-acquainted with the music side of things. By the end of the band's time together, Ahd Child had moved from being just the vocalist - he participated in writing many of the band's songs.

After The Left broke up, Ahd Child continued to educate himself in many aspects of music making - from production to composition to engineering. It was also during this period that Ahd Child fell in love with electronic music. He began work on a solo album that would showcase his production skills, lyrical talents and outside of the box subject matter, but that album, 'Haunted Life, Blessed Soul' never saw the light of day.

On a Thursday night in late 2004, Ahd Child attended a cypher with several MCs living in the Philadelphia area. That cypher proved to be a momentous occasion for him. Ahd Child immediately became a regular weekly attendee at the cypher which has endured and grown since then. The weekly freestyle sessions helped Ahd Child to develop his lyrical and improvisational abilities.

Currently, Ahd Child is focused on delivering new music to the public. he is in the process of re-introducing himself to the public as an MC. Later this year he expects to finish a short EP titled 'Reverse Psychology'. Reverse Psychology will be available for free download at www.ahdchild.com when it is completed. By the end of the year, Ahd Child should be close to finishing a full length album showcasing his words and production.

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