Ag Silver: Rock with a conscience. This 4-piece rock band is poised to rock for the masses. Melodic, catchy songwriting and impeccable live performances are the band's forté. Strong vocal performances, creative and tasteful musicianship compose the blend that is Ag Silver.

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U2, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin


Jon Ornee | vocals, guitar
Chris McKellar | guitar, vocals
Craig Vanderwier | drums, vocals
Steve Huizenga | bass, vocals

Ag Silver are four best friends who play music as a gift to share, rendering each member’s contribution significant; a fresh spin contrary to today’s rock music. The blend of enticing musical art with creative pop-friendly song craftsmanship results in poignant, yet exciting performances in the studio and on stage. Ag Silver prides itself on melodies, smooth guitar tones, strong passionate vocals and a solid rhythm foundation. Innovative collaborations within the band produce an element that captivates each person, turning individuals into listeners, and listeners into fans.

The four-member melodic rock band Ag Silver developed its course in Grand Rapids, Michigan in early 1997 while still in high school. With a lead singer trade off in 2001, Jon Ornée was back on board in late 2002. Bass player Steve Huizenga replaced original member Dustin Ingham in 2002 as well.

October 2000 marked the band’s first release, a self-titled EP. The local success of the EP opened doors to premium opening slots and venues in the West Michigan area. 2-song CD singles were released in December 2003 and June 2004. Ag Silver’s most notable achievement to date is winning the 2003 Aris Hampers’ Hometown Rock Music Search, of which past winners include RCA recording artists The Verve Pipe, Papa Vegas, and Rubber Records recordin

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