We are motivated by the thunder of hard rock and the feel of our fans rumbling the ground thats what gets us playin !!

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We have been making changes / additions to our guitar line up and have added Jeremey & Lance ...whats wrong with 4 or 5 guitar players ??

What a life!!

Winners of the 2006 RAMI "Rockford Area Music Industry" award
for best Hard Rock Band Agnus Jackson has been rocking
the State line for 6 years

Originally formed by Mike Armato and Prezell Davis
then known as Ground Control.
Without a true full time bassist, Armato and Davis began the search.
It was in 1999 the search was over.
Larry Hill joined the duo and Agnus Jackson was formed.
In early 2000 the band was ready to be unleashed on the local music scene
with Hill becoming not only the full time bassist but also the
voice of Agnus Jackson. The band continued to work on their originals
and playing in as many venues as they possible could gaining
quite a solid fan base. With numerous press releases in the Midwest
over the next few years Agnus Jackson worked countless
hours in the studio and on stage becoming a fan favorite.
The band has been recognized by many different medias
having a song used in a television commercial and receiving airplay
on local radio stations.
In 2005 released their first CD Mesmerized and playing in many new venues.
Opening for numerous national acts,

2006 "Tim Brockway" formerly Lead Guitar for
Twisted Diamond & Guitarist in Common Ground
joined up with the band to add his rythm/lead fire to the sound and
should prove to be another sweep of power thru the band !
with 2 lead players things will surely get hot !
The Band is looking foward to a wild time this year and hope to keep rocking
all their friends and fans the way they only know how !! IN YOUR FACE ROCK

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