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Against The Season

A sibling rock band determined to share their message and experiences to the world. Writing,singing and expressing their thoughts through songs that are simply real. Against The Season originally hailing from California now resides in Salt Lake City,Utah. Tiare,16,Lead guitarist was inspired by rock music at an even earlier age and discovered her musical talent on the guitar. Kelela,17, Shared the music playing the bass guitar. Both young teens also contributed the lyrics on all of the songs. Donnie,21, playing the drums starting at the age of 8 years old has become a prodigy at his age. Mika,23, the eldest of the four and newest member of the band plays the rhythm guitar and shares his talent of arranging the music. Together they are out to share their music to all who love and respect rock music and in the midst of this gigantic music industry, Against The Season truly stands for one thing.....Be Yourself!!

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