Afterflow...We're that voice in your head saying things like: "Why do all these emcees sound the same?", "Who decided to put 5 trillion high hats in this beat?", and "Where the hell are my keys?". So we know you've heard us before, you just didn't notice it. We're the voices in your head telling you to be different and not spend $300 on a fit to look cool once every other week. The problem is, now, we are louder. Now you have to listen.

Afterflow...We're the kids who were freestyling on the way to school over tracks that already had lyrics on them cause we didn't have instrumentals. We're the guys who killed cows for their blood, and bowed to our 1200's before a session instead of doing homework. We're that crew that's so eclectic that you can't tell if we're battle, scratch, rock, topical, story tellering, emo, metaphorical, positive, psycho, or psudeo-intellects cause we are all these things and much more.

Afterflow...We're more than just hip-hop.
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