Aeileon El Nino is one of the most talented and intriguing lyrcist to date. His word play is unearthly and is definitely in a class by himself, On every song that he has ever did, he shines brilliiantly, he is definitely an artist that needs to be on a major level, his lyrics are so powerful, this is what Hip-Hop needs a teacher who practices what he preaches. Don't sleep on him, He is currently unsigned, if you like what you hear email him at

Latest News is a new forum we have up and I encourage all of you to join today, its free to sign up.

Aeileon El Nino is featured on the following artist albums and songs. A song with Mopreme Shakur entitled "Coastin", a song with Tha Realist entitled "Party on the Mob" and Bizzy Bones Album "Evolution of Elevation" as well as on 7th Sign Regimes mixtapes Vol 1 & 2.

Be on the look out for "Money Talks" with Money Green of Gimmi Sum Records
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