Bio- Adrian Essiet
Born in Nigeria, Adrian spent his childhood, as early as 5 years, performing with his school and church choir; it is during these years he found his love for music. He draws his influence from different cross overs; life experiences through his travels, appreciation for British bands like Tears for Fears, Beatles, Queen, Imogen heap to funk-pop music like James brown, Prince and jamaroqui. In 2009, while still finding his sound, he released his first single, 'Broken Man' which received positive criticisms and was featured by Hevy D/Post Media National playlist. Despite Majoring in Psychology and Marketing he often felt disconnected with the world, and music was the one element he used to fill that gap. It wasn't much longer that he couldn't ignore music would be his eventual pursuit, so in 2008 he attended the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts for further music training. Currently he lives in Vancouver working with producers, writing and performing. In Decembe
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