Hard hitting AAAmericana music born in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Fronted by Shawn Michael Bitz and 17 year old guitar phenom, Chambers Waller, Abby SomeOne continues to rock the region with a sound that has been compared to Train, the Black Crowes, and John Mellencamp--soulful songs, compelling lyrics, and radio friendly hooks.
Six years and six CD's later, Abby SomeOne has endured a fire, tornado, flood, 3 car wrecks, a penetentiary, and a heart attack. A&R guys no longer scare them.
With over 75 festival and club dates performed this year, ASO has appeared with Styx, Live, Johnny Winter, Sheryl Crow, the Georgia Satellites, and Kentucky Headhunters, and is road tested, radio friendly, and ready to reach the next level.

Visit www.abbysomeone.com for more information.
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