Z Studios is a producer who is only 16 and got started by using small programs such as hiphop ejay during middle school. Then decided that he want to pursue making music, and earned enough money to buy a studio set up in 2001. It expanded from there and keeps on expanding to the giant setup he has now. Now he uses cubase, reason, wav lab, and live. Z Studios is currently finishing up his first fully produced album for his artist Prophecy, and is working with a talented singer named Jackie. He has had no direction and has figured out much of what he is doing on his own at an early age. He continues to astonish people that a 16 yearold can make and produce professional instrumentals as well as songs by different artisits. He is excited to finsih up this album which will be sure to jump start his career. He is now a junior in highschool and is looking to get an internship and a job in the recording industry.
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