Wayne Hager has been singing and performing around the world for many years. The United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America represent his vast travels in ministry. Raised in a pastor's home, his spiritual influences have been strong and lasting. Leading worship, working in the studio and concert ministry are just a few of the things that he has excelled in. He is an accomplished musician. Most of the songs you will hear on Broadjam he has recorded in his home studio with him playing most of the music. His main instruments are keys and guitar but he also plays bass and other instruments. In recent years he has begun focusing on his song writing. His most successful project has been "Different." Recorded in 1999, it is a collection of original songs and popular worship tunes. It is available for download on ITunes. Wayne is currently working on a new project. His desire is to sign with a label so that he will be able to put together the project he has dreamed about

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I just uploaded a new Electronic tune. This on e is called "Midnight Sea." Come over and check it out!!!


Many Christian artists along with a slew of other artists. I have always had diverse taste in music. One day I would be listening to Gino Vanelli and the next day George Benson. Phil Keggy, Larry Norman

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