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(Boxes of Money)

Your work may be fantastic!
But they all think it less
Or your work may be horrendous
But they all think it best!

But you gotta
Stick to your creative vision!
Less you only become a prostitute
For some empty success

For to be a sincere artist
You gotta be prepared?
For others to be very!
Sincerely unimpressed

For it is better to be rejected!
For a good work
Than to be accepted
For a perfect mess

And sometimes you gotta be prepared
For the very very worst!
You may be the finest musician?
To never be heard!

And all too often
They will confuse “talent” with “taste!”
But when someone does that?
It is THEY who lose face

For there is a big difference!
Being “Very talented!”
And becoming “A Somebody”

But if you have a true talent?
Never being heard
Can never!
Steal that away

And someone down the line will
Remember you some day
By Damon
Copyright 2004

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