Skilled and talented, Tom Richards brings years' worth of sensibilities to high-level voiceover projects. Producers find him versitile and quick; clients love the expressiveness that he brings to their project, and end users get the message.

Tom maintains an all-digital studio, where he serves VO needs across the country via ISDN, phone patch, and mp3, among others. If need be, he'll also be happy to travel to your studio.

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Call 267-847-TRVO (8786)

1 So who's Tom Richards?

Tom's an experienced voiceover artist dedicated to bringing life to your script. With a voice of impact and authority, warmth and concern, he delivers the message with just the right touch.

2 Why Tom?

Producers love working with Tom because he focuses on the message and delivers it with clarity and impact. Writers love the way he brings depth to their script by uncovering the its embedded overtones. And engineers love the way he refrains from tapping on their expensive mics.

3 Clients

Clients include
* Banks * Pharmaceuticals * Automotive * State lotteries * Publishers
* Medical * Casinos * Non-profit * TV & radio * Colleges & universities
...and many more

4 Where's Tom?

At your studio.
Or his.
Or both, via ISDN or phone patch.

5 Tom delivers

Fast 100% digital delivery, via
* Live ISDN
* MP3
* Download
* Audio CD, CD-ROM, or DAT
* FedEx, USPS. Whatever works.

6 Work with Tom

It's easy

Cell: 267-847-8786
Fax: 302-892-9697


Tom built a successful production career in Philadelphia radio, where his work earned awards from the March of Dimes AIR Awards and the PA Association of Broadcasters. But it was his voice work that was most fullfilling, and in 2002 he started doing voiceovers full-time.

Since that time, he's worked with top producers in Philadelphia and his native New York, and extends his reach even farther via his ISDN-equipped home studio.

What's the appeal of voiceovers? "It's the emotional connection that I go for - the sense that I'm depositing the producer's message directly into the listener's subconcious. Isn't that what it's all about?"

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