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Originally from St. Louis, MO., Doug Millaway moved to the upper midwest about 18 years ago. Since then, he has moved from the gigging artist to the studio. His current project is with fellow musician Rob Denton. Rob is originally from Florida, but has lived in Texas and Minnesota as well. Doug plays the keys and Rob is the guitarist. Together they make up Third Level.

Third Level plays what the duo have come to call "enigmatic jazz". The concept that each composition revolves around change and free-flowing possibilities is what makes their mix innovative. The songs range from smooth jazz to vast soundscapes. The only way to truly understand what enigmatic jazz is, is to experience it.

Third Level is:
Doug Millaway - Keys, guitar, programming, bass, arrangement, production.
Rob Denton - Lead guitar, bass, vocals, arrangement, production.
Guest Artist - Bob Johnson of the Funkdawgs - sax

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Ain't So Nice has been playlisted on Radio Six International and is a contender for their Record Of The Year award. You can vote for it to be nominated by sending an email to letters@radiosix.com

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Hi Third, Just had a chance to hear "implosion" doing a quick rating of your song...5 stars all the way from this fusion/progressive enthusiast. Awesome work writing, arrangement, performance, and I esp like the guitar work, great! Regards, Tim

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