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Thieves Cross and Bryan Thomas

Just because of the chronological factor involved, Thieves Cross ended up playing with Punk/Skate bands even though they played slow, dissonant songs that were just being understood as goth or darker music. The bands Thieves Cross supported were the likes of Ribzy, Los Olvidados, 45 Grave, Faith No More, TSOL, Frontier Wives, Even Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers. Talent Buyers never knew where to place a band like Thieves Cross... even the band's following were unsure.
Thieves Cross was clearly ahead of the times and creatively influencing others in their wake. Darker monotone vocals, classic rock drums and guitar with hints of funk style bass guitar thrown in. An "art rock" vibe seemed to propel the band's fame and through 1984- 1989 The original members came and went and came back again.
College Indie chart topping single "Slaughter Hotel" marked a place for them in the California South Bay Punk/Alternative local music scene. Thieves Cross has given us abstract musical ideas and some musicians and friends tried it on and wore it.

Ideas two decades old improve with age....

Here is Thieves Cross now, Bryan Thomas creating film music and soundtrack, soundscapes, enviro-sounds to bring about human emotion of all genres. Here now it is.

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