I am a Blues Rock (primarily) keyboardist from Albany NY. My brother John (Guitarist) and I have done several projects together. The most recent is our Blues Rock band called The AC Thundertones. Our opening CD is available now.
I am into ALL kinds of music and genres are of no importance to me as I am a session musician and play them all. I enjoy writing, recording, mixing, mastering and producing my own and collaberative efforts in my home studio or with my brother at his studio.
Check us out in the following parts of this profile.
Thanks. Paul Zarvis (AKA Paulie Fingers) Piano player from The AC Thundertones

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The AC Thundertones are now winning at OURSTAGE.COM and welcome you all to that site. Also, we're working to get music on Son's Of Anarchy FX's great new TV show

Who Are these guys?

The AC Thundertones! are a songwriting duo of two brothers: John & Paul Zarvis. Both veteran musicians who have decided to write, publish, record, perform, and sell their music on their own through the internet or any other venue like CD Baby, Best Buy, Tower Records, Garageband.com and be their own record company.
The T-Tones have created an LLC Corporation and are also a publishing company that is in control of their music and where it goes and who hears it and if it's free or not etc. The point is....We're sick and tired of everyone else making money off our music but us! So we are looking for like minded musicians and artists to join up with The AC Thundertones and we can co-write and produce a stable of hit tunes, beats, in ALL genres and then sell them to the people who want outside material. Just go to GOOGLE and type "The AC Thundertones" and you'll see what self promo can do. We can write in any genre and are joining TAXI soon so if you're interested contact us. We want what you want. To get Inide music heard and get the artists paid!

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